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About me

My name is Tim-“Othy” Jones and I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Screenwriting from Brooklyn College in 2003.  I was born in Detroit, Michigan, raised a few miles north in the small town of Center Line and began writing stories at the age of 7.  After graduating high school, I went on to pursue English studies at Wayne State University for two years prior to transferring to Brooklyn College in New York City for screenwriting.

Screenwriting, I felt, would be the perfect blending of my greatest skills and interests in storytelling, art and education as painting stories on the canvas of film could ultimately inform and influence diversity in mass audiences.  Having grown up in culturally rich environments, I aimed to take the insights learned in my plight from the mid-west to the east coast and share them with the world at large.

Upon graduating from Brooklyn College, I turned my talents to writing novels.  My first novel, "The Irrelevant Tales" will soon be available for purchase.  Check back often or follow me to stay up to stay updated!